Friday, April 5, 2013

Taylor Lautner naked sex adventures with One Direction Part 2 B - Niall Horan iPhone scandal

Taylor Lautner naked sex adventures with One Direction Niall Horan iPhone sex scandal, Part 2B. When twink Niall Horan fucks muscle frat boy Taylor Lautner.

After Taylor Lautner rammed his cock up Niall Horan's ass in the bathroom as a surprise, after a few thrusts, Niall started to relax and enjoy it.
With Taylor's hardon constantly rubbing his prostate, Niall's cock got harder and harder. But he didn't touch his cock or wank, because Niall had other ideas. He was gonna revenge fuck taylor!
Taylor kept thrusting and pumping Niall's ass and when he was close to cumming, he told Niall "I'm gonna cum", so Niall smiled and pulled out Taylor's cock and caught Taylor by surprise.
Before Taylor could understand what was going on, his cock standing up straight like a soldier just seconds away from cumming, Niall turned him around and rammed his cock up Taylor.
As soon as Niall's cock head massaged Taylor's prostate, Taylor just surrendered himself to Niall.
And Taylor started to shoot cum without him touching his cock, he was moaning really loud, which made Niall hornier and Niall pumped and fucked the cum out of Taylor, with every thrust, a hot load of cum would shoot out of Taylor's cock and onto the walls.
Niall couldn't hold it and he cum too, then he took the camera out and took a photo and sent it to his band members at One Direction.
Zayn Malik is really jealous.

*This Part 2 B fake wasn't planned, I was working on Part 3 but due to the popular demand of Part 2, and how much my blog visitors and fans comment on the fake, I decided to make Part 2 B.
Lucky I found the same couple fucking but this time the twink fucks the muscular guy, which was perfect for this story, and then I looked for the faces to fit the picture, I hope you guys like it*

The story so far, Taylor Lautner naked sex adventures with One Direction.


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