Sunday, April 14, 2013

Justin Bieber naked fucked by Usher Raymond big cock fake

To celebrate my 2 million visit! thank you for visiting :) 
Justin Bieber nude and impaled fucked by Usher Raymond's big cock fake.
Justin Bieber has been practising his ass with dildos and getting fucked by other guys, but no matter how much practise Justin gets, nothing can prepare him for Usher's big fat dick.
Before sex, Justin practised with a pink butt plug and made sure Usher's big fat fuck stick was lubed and slick, but that didn't help at all.

OH well... Justin wants to continue to be famous, he needs to fuck and keep his sugar daddy, Usher, happy.
How many inches can Justin take? Do you think he can go all the way balls deep? So Usher's hardon is poking at his guts.

To celebrate my 2 million views!!! and due to popular demand, i made another Justin Bieber and usher raymond fake. I dont know why everybody likes to see Usher's stiff dick inside Justin. Anyway this is the fourth fake I've done for this couple. Here are the other fakes.

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